A Day With Bree

A week before Halloween I posted a random picture on Instagram with a caption that read "I want to pick one follower that lives in Atlanta that can spend a day with me. My days are pretty crazy so it would be pretty fun to have one of my followers tag along." After a few minutes and getting more comments than expected she realized that one person was way too hard to choose and that she had to choose 3 people. After deciding who would be spending the day with her she reached out to them one by one and gave them further details about their meet up but being sure to leave out what exactly they would be getting into on their day together. 

Meet The Guest



Braxton is an inspiring photographer and attends Stockbridge High School where Bree also graduated from in 2013. He will be attending SCAD Atlanta in the Fall.
















Taylor is an inspiring actress and home schooled and will graduate in the Spring of 2016 and attend theatre school in New York in the Fall.















Domia is an inspiring photographer and attends Woodward Academy. She is planning to go to the Art Institute of Chicago after graduating in the Spring of 2016 but she is still undecided.      











First Location

Braxton, Taylor, Domia Meets Bree at the photography studio to watch her shoot live.


Second Location

Braxton, Taylor, and Domia takes a trip to the high museum with Bree. 


Full Recap Video

Shot & Edited By: JB Visions


This was a pleasure and I am so happy that I did this. Getting support from people over the internet is cool but to actually hang out and meet the people who support or look up to you is even cooler. I have a big heart towards those who support me because they don't have to but they do and I seriously appreciate every bit of it. To other Exquisite Eye supporters I hope to meet you all soon.