Bree's Diary : The Process Of Change


Today wasn't the best day for me and I decided to come home and write about it. I am sharing my personal experiences because maybe someone else is going through the same thing or years later I am able to keep up with my journey of growth and where I came from. As of November 28,2015 I am in place of change, and super change at that. This year has been a tough one but a great one because of all the lesson's I have learned. From a heartbreak, money issues, and finding myself I am here to talk about it all while remaining completely honest.



I had a lover for a couple of years and we saw the end of our relationship and friendship at the top of this year. I ended up heartbroken and a little confused, I had never really loved anyone before and didn't want to really see it come to an end. When I had no choice but to move on I was unaware on how I would pull myself back up. I had felt as if I had lost a piece of me. What I learned from this experience was that I wasn't losing a piece of me but I was outgrowing someone and I had to let go and be uncomfortable to allow myself to grow. Letting go wasn't easy but worth it, I learned so much about myself in these last couple of months and my career has tremendously grown because I have given all of me to myself. Being in love with someone and falling out of love with someone you realize that you were on a high of love with someone and sometimes that high can last a couple of months, years, or a lifetime. We never know when getting into the relationship how long the high will last with your significant other . Sometimes as humans we get comfortable and unaware, I had become comfortable and unaware. Every girl knows exactly how they want to be treated and I am reminding you to never settle for anything less than what you deserve. Remember your high on love can last a couple of months, years, or a lifetime but never forget to love yourself and allow yourself to grow in the process of loving someone else.



We all want money but it's no other way to get it but to work for it. I am not sure about everyone else who may be reading this but I have tons of things on my wish list that I would love to have but have nowhere near enough money to get it all. I want to travel the world, more camera equipment, a new car and the list could go on and on. I get a little discouraged sometimes when I don't have enough money for some of the things that I really want but it is inspiring because I know I have to work harder to get it. Billionaires weren't built overnight and they probably have stories for days for when they thought things probably wouldn't look up for them. You have to struggle to show how bad you want it and the best part about not always having it is the humbling experiences that it brings. The celebration of becoming successful is that you will know you worked as hard as you could to get there and all of the struggles have finally payed off.



Finding myself has been great. It gets lonely at times when you start to separate yourself from certain people because you start looking up and come to realize you don't have many people to call on. The road to success gets lonely for numerous of reasons, everyone is walking their own path and you never really know where anyone else's path is leading and that is why you always have to focus on your own. This is not being selfish or acting "hollywood" this is the process. The whole process of finding yourself is feeding off of energy and positive energy at that, you must always surround yourself with people who will push you to be greater. This process comes with a lot of uncomfortable situations but those uncomfortable situations will lead you to better situations. I think that with the process of growth you will meet like minded people along the way just be patient for those people to come around in your process of change. Don't question others hurtful actions in this process because it is not for you to understand, some will understand what it will take and some won't. Always remain true to yourself.


I want to leave you guys with this inspiring quote from my friend James "you have to do things you've never done to get things you've never had."