Bree's Dairy: Timing

It's been a minute since I've wrote one of these but I am finally back with another one! 2016...what a year it has been. A year of taking chances and stepping out of my comfort zone and seriously...way out of my comfort zone. The process has been one for the books, and I've learned so much about myself as well as one important thing... success doesn't come in the comfort zone.

Whatever it is you want to do in this lifetime, all it takes is setting a goal, working towards it, and not stopping until you get it. Ladies you ever see a guy and say to yourself "he is going to be mine." Well... that's how I've been treating my goals and it has been working pretty well for me and now I am encouraging you to do the same. 

One day what you have been dreaming about will become your reality just stay patient and keep your eye on the prize.