17 things I learned in 2017


The year has come to a close and I hope you gained more knowledge, wisdom and insight to apply towards your 2018.

This has been an amazing year but a very tough one as well. As the blessings come along so does the hardships but I am sure it is to keep us on our toes and humbled.

Below are the 17 things I learned in 2017.


1.Do not compare yourself to others. 

  • The internet is an outlet that majority of people use to highlight their best moments so don't waste your time comparing yourself. Everyone is facing their own issues behind closed doors.

2. Patience

  • Often times we want things to happen right NOW and if it is not, our life is in "shambles." Enjoy the process.  

3. Do not be afraid of outgrowing people. 

  • Do your self a favor and remove yourself from people who do not inspire and push you to be better. 

4. No one is perfect.

  • Sometimes when things go wrong we love to point the finger. Own up to your wrong doings and apologize. 

5. Self love is very important.

  • How can anyone love you if you do not love yourself? It is simple...they can not. 

6. Keep those yes men out your circle. 

  • The truth hurts but you need real people around you. 

7. The power of the tongue.

  • Speak the things you want into existence. 

8. Put your phone down.

  • Enjoy what's happening around you. 

9. Do not be afraid of being vulnerable. 

  • We are human and we are meant to feel emotion so do not be afraid of expressing your feelings. 

10. Not everyone will root for you.

  • Be your own cheerleader.

11. Don't Overthink

  • Everything happens for a reason.

12. Make time for family and friends.

  • Be sure to let them know you love them while they are here. 

13. Take more risk

  • Nothing comes from your comfort zone.

14. Anything that is overdone is not good for you.

  • Let go of those bad habits, they are holding you back. 

15. It is okay to not be okay.

  • Find a counselor or vent to your loved ones. 

16. Make time for what you love.

  • Take a dance class, do some yoga, go to the gym, listen to music. Anything to keep your mind busy during your down time away from work.

17. Let yourself fail And try again.

  • We all work towards perfection but perfect is impossible. Just use everyday to become a better version of yourself.