Bree Holt, the person behind the Exquisite Eye brand born and raised in Atlanta began creating and telling visual stories early on in her life. After experiencing the loss of her mother, she began to understand the importance of chronicling life through photography. With this new purpose, she began photography her sophomore year of high school. After graduating from Stockbridge High School and attending Savannah State University for only a year, Bree decided it was time to jump full time into her purpose of becoming a professional photographer.


She interned for Dewayne Rogers, editor of Rolling Out Magazine, and soon was hired to be full-time staff on the team. After her departure from Rolling Out, she shortly became an assistant to Ahmad Barber and recently moved to Los Angeles and signed with Adolescent. Over the years she has had her images showcased on many different platforms and exhibitions. She promises growth and keeping faith while working and learning more about her crafts. She truly enjoys capturing all beautiful things around her and loves creating with all different types of individuals while continuing to build her brand.